photo by Patti Smith

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our terrain stretches from the american
heartland to the streets of baghdad.
our boots are well worn and the sack we toss over
our shoulder is filled with tears and grain.
we unbutton our coats, for spring
is upon us and the air is thick with promise.
let us shake the gold upon the fields
for it is spring, a good time for trampin'.

introducing the songs:
jubilee  { QuickTime }{ notes }
mother rose  { QuickTime }
stride of the mind  { QuickTime }
cartwheels  { QuickTime }
gandhi  { QuickTime }
trespasses  { QuickTime }
my blakean year  { QuickTime }{ notes }
cash  { QuickTime }
peaceable kingdom  { QuickTime }
radio baghdad  { QuickTime }{ notes }
trampin'  { QuickTime }


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